These guidelines are for use by the Standards Council and the staff to assist in complying with Section 3-2.5.1 of the Regulations Governing Committee Projects. The following classifications apply to Committee members and represent their principal interest in the activity of the Committee. No more than one-third of the voting Members shall represent any one interest.

  1. Manufacturer. A representative of a maker or marketer of a product, assembly or system, or portion thereof, that is affected by the Document.
  2. User. A representative of an entity that is subject to the provisions of the Document or that voluntarily uses the Document.
  3. Installer/Maintainer. A representative of an entity that is in the business of installing or maintaining a product, assembly, or system affected by the Document.
  4. Labor. A labor representative or employee concerned with safety in the workplace within the scope of the Document.
  5. Research/Standards/Testing Laboratory. A representative of an independent research organization; an organization that develops codes, standards and other similar documents; or an independent testing laboratory.
  6. Enforcing Authority. A representative of an agency or an organization that promulgates or enforces the Document.
  7. Consumer. A person who is or represents the ultimate purchaser of a product, system or service affected by the Document but who is not a User as defined in 3-2.5.1(b).
  8. Special Expert. A person not representing (a) through (g) and who has special expertise in the scope of the Document or portion thereof.
Note: A representative includes an employee. Representatives of subsidiaries of any group are generally considered to have the same classification as the parent organization.